10 Bar News Feed http://www.10bar.co.nz 10 Bar SAVAGEhttp://www.10bar.co.nz/news/27/SAVAGEIt&#39;s time to get Wild Out (chooo hooo)!&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Swinging into 10bar March 3rd, Savage will be dropping ya fav bangers to get the weekend started!<br /> <br /> If you love Savage, you&#39;ll love getting lit downstairs with shots of Moonshine and Twerking to the tunes<br /> <br /> Can&#39;t wait to see all you Freaks!<br /> <br /> Tickets on sale -&gt;&nbsp;<a href="https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fbit.ly%2F2lIIlw5&amp;h=ATORlJLBhoezNXh2yKmrMSEt5GuTfWtoKK93oNqVaZDWvockiTjHG-VcoUxsfU47pju2NuoHNxPgHY-AsQS93Dyj8nIpsqhqMpl5Iqi9rgCB9Y904iY53bFcAI8unES5G8o&amp;enc=AZOD96AsGSan2L7utA4AMmXSX5chtZdQQl1RlbJ-3kn2Op7cquFD2Ay1BWHZiDBufhI&amp;s=1" onclick="LinkshimAsyncLink.referrer_log(this, &quot;http:\/\/bit.ly\/2lIIlw5&quot;, &quot;\/si\/ajax\/l\/render_linkshim_log\/?u=http\u00253A\u00252F\u00252Fbit.ly\u00252F2lIIlw5&amp;h=ATORlJLBhoezNXh2yKmrMSEt5GuTfWtoKK93oNqVaZDWvockiTjHG-VcoUxsfU47pju2NuoHNxPgHY-AsQS93Dyj8nIpsqhqMpl5Iqi9rgCB9Y904iY53bFcAI8unES5G8o&amp;render_verification=0&amp;enc=AZOD96AsGSan2L7utA4AMmXSX5chtZdQQl1RlbJ-3kn2Op7cquFD2Ay1BWHZiDBufhI&amp;d&quot;);" target="_blank">http://bit.ly/2lIIlw5</a><br /> <br /> P.S. All puns are purely intended to be terrible and we don&#39;t have Moonshine xoxo<br /> <br /> *If you didn&#39;t get the puns, we suggest Wikipedia<br /> <br /> EARLY BIRDS SOLD OUT - First tier tickets selling out1488452400http://www.10bar.co.nz/news/27/SAVAGEhttp://www.10bar.co.nz641SAVAGEhttp://www.10bar.co.nz/news/27/SAVAGE O WEEK 2017http://www.10bar.co.nz/news/26/O-WEEK-2017Welcome to the week you don&#39;t tell you parents about at 10!&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Monday: Get your flirt on, Traffic Light Party, basically real life Tinder without the effort of swiping right&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Tuesday: Whip out the stripes, active wear and Yankee Caps, we are going basic - prizes for the most basic of the bitches&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Wednesday: We&#39;ll have the UV light in full swing and glow sticks bouncing around to tunes provided by DJ JOSH<br /> <br /> Thursday: Foaming at the mouth for this, O-Week is not complete without a foam party at 10, COAT CHECK available in the Gold Room to keep belongings dry<br /> <br /> Friday: Mikael Wills will be dropping back in for his second time at 10Bar, providing all the antics expected on a Friday<br /> <br /> Saturday: DJ Nodz coming in hot to seal the week off&nbsp;<br /> <br /> All week long, we&#39;ll be open to the very last hours of the morning (AKA 4am) &quot;orientiating&quot; you into a bangin year ahead<br /> <br /> Promo deals all night, every night to help you battle through the week.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> FREE ENTRY ALL WEEK - doors open 10pm every night<br /> <br /> Follow us on our social media:<br /> <br /> Facebook:&nbsp;<a href="https://www.facebook.com/10Bar/">10Bar</a><br /> Snap: tenbardunedin<br /> <br /> PS. Pls note all nights are R18 only, no kiddies allowed1487502000http://www.10bar.co.nz/news/26/O-WEEK-2017http://www.10bar.co.nz640O WEEK 2017http://www.10bar.co.nz/news/26/O-WEEK-2017 Tom Francishttp://www.10bar.co.nz/news/25/Tom-FrancisAfter pushing Drake off the top stop and claiming the #1 album in NZ, Working with Twista, Eminem&#39;s rap duo &quot;Bad Meets Evil&quot; with Royce Da 5&#39;9, Dizzy Wright, meeting up with Kendrick Lamar and making more tunes<a href="https://www.facebook.com/TomFrancisSound/">Tom Francis</a>&nbsp;is coming down to Dunedin&nbsp;<a href="https://www.facebook.com/10bar.nz/">10bar</a>&nbsp;for a one off exclusive show on the 28th of October 2016. Thanks to&nbsp;<a href="https://www.facebook.com/TheRealBlackMarketEnterprise/">Black Market Enterprise</a>1477566000http://www.10bar.co.nz/news/25/Tom-Francishttp://www.10bar.co.nz636Tom Francishttp://www.10bar.co.nz/news/25/Tom-Francis DANNY BYRD // 21ST MAY 2016 // 10BARhttp://www.10bar.co.nz/news/22/DANNY-BYRD-21ST-MAY-2016-10BARDrum &amp; bass superstar and international kiwi favourite..<br /> <br /> DANNY BYRD (<a href="https://www.facebook.com/hospitalrecords/">Hospital Records</a> - UK)<br /> <br /> ___<br /> <br /> NZ TOUR MAY 2016<br /> <br /> Saturday 21st May - Dunedin @ 10bar<br /> ...<br /> &nbsp;1462708800http://www.10bar.co.nz/news/22/DANNY-BYRD-21ST-MAY-2016-10BARhttp://www.10bar.co.nz629DANNY BYRD // 21ST MAY 2016 // 10BARhttp://www.10bar.co.nz/news/22/DANNY-BYRD-21ST-MAY-2016-10BAR TWISTA // 19TH MAY 2016 // 10BARhttp://www.10bar.co.nz/news/23/TWISTA-19TH-MAY-2016-10BARTWISTA &ldquo;Living Legend Tour&rdquo;<br /> <br /> Once hailed as the fastest rapper in the world and with huge chart hitters like &lsquo;Overnight Celebrity&rsquo; and &lsquo;Sunshine&rsquo; this indisputable Hip Hop legend is heading to New Zealand to deliver all the bangers.<br /> <br /> _______<br /> <br /> DUNEDIN<br /> Thursday May 19th<br /> 10Bar<br /> LIMITED tickets on sale now: <a href="https://goo.gl/CNiMvs" target="_blank">https://goo.gl/CNiMvs</a>...<br /> <br /> &nbsp;1462708800http://www.10bar.co.nz/news/23/TWISTA-19TH-MAY-2016-10BARhttp://www.10bar.co.nz630TWISTA // 19TH MAY 2016 // 10BARhttp://www.10bar.co.nz/news/23/TWISTA-19TH-MAY-2016-10BAR WILKINSON // April 28th 2016 // 10Barhttp://www.10bar.co.nz/news/21/WILKINSON-April-28th-2016-10BarWilkinson is back @ 10Bar to bringn the house down with another show stopping preformance!!&nbsp; Last years sell out show was awsome but tis one is gona smash it out of the park on the back of his new album realease we are so excited to see what he has in store for us!1461758400http://www.10bar.co.nz/news/21/WILKINSON-April-28th-2016-10Barhttp://www.10bar.co.nz622WILKINSON // April 28th 2016 // 10Barhttp://www.10bar.co.nz/news/21/WILKINSON-April-28th-2016-10Bar KVKA // March 23rd 2016 // 10Barhttp://www.10bar.co.nz/news/20/KVKA-March-23rd-2016-10Bar<a href="https://www.facebook.com/MeloCasa-Promotions-480307868799643/">MeloCasa Promotions</a> Presents: <a href="https://www.facebook.com/thekvka/">KVKA</a> in Dunedin.<br /> <br /> We are stoked to bring ya boy KVKA to <a href="https://www.facebook.com/10bar.nz/">10bar</a> as part of his Dunedin, CHCH tour.<br /> <br /> With Support from:<br /> -<a href="https://www.facebook.com/younggiftedandbroke/">Young Gifted And Broke</a>&#39;s beatsmith <a href="https://www.facebook.com/Jay-Knight-122233597848349/">Jay Knight</a><br /> -Dunedins one man loop extrordianaire <a href="https://www.facebook.com/oleh.loop/">Oleh</a><br /> <br /> &nbsp;1458644400http://www.10bar.co.nz/news/20/KVKA-March-23rd-2016-10Barhttp://www.10bar.co.nz621KVKA // March 23rd 2016 // 10Barhttp://www.10bar.co.nz/news/20/KVKA-March-23rd-2016-10Bar OWEEK // 22nd - 28th FEB // 2016 // 10BARhttp://www.10bar.co.nz/news/19/OWEEK-22nd-28th-FEB-2016-10BARDunedin's biggest party venue is set for O'Week 2016!!!&nbsp; We have 6 massive nights of parties ready for your partying pleasure!<br /> Every night is something different!<br /> 6 Nights, 6 Massive Parties!1455534000http://www.10bar.co.nz/news/19/OWEEK-22nd-28th-FEB-2016-10BARhttp://www.10bar.co.nz565OWEEK // 22nd - 28th FEB // 2016 // 10BARhttp://www.10bar.co.nz/news/19/OWEEK-22nd-28th-FEB-2016-10BAR 10Bar is Turning 10!!!http://www.10bar.co.nz/news/17/10Bar-is-Turning-10<p>10 years has gone by so quick and to thank all the people that have helped us become the successful bar that we are, we want you to come party with us!!!</p>1446721200http://www.10bar.co.nz/news/17/10Bar-is-Turning-10http://www.10bar.co.nz55710Bar is Turning 10!!!http://www.10bar.co.nz/news/17/10Bar-is-Turning-10