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Author: Linda Holder

The term timber refers to wood that has been processed from trees and timber makes an aesthetically pleasing and durable flooring material. Timber floors come in several different types, styles, and colors and are a great addition to any home. To keep timber floors looking and functioning at their best, it is essential to make sure they are routinely polished.

Why Polish Timber Floors

 Polishing timber floors not only keeps them looking shiny an aesthetically pleasing, but the polish will also protect the floors from damage. Timber floor sanding Central Coast helps to fill any imperfections in the wood floors, and the polish will also protect the wood from damage during cleaning. Timber floors absorb a lot of abuse from pets, furniture, toys, and foot traffic, and polishing the floors is an easy and effective way to extend the life of your timber floor.

Prepare the Timber Floor for Polishing

 You can choose to polish timber floors yourself, or you can hire a professional. If you decide to polish the floors yourself, you need to take a few simple steps to prepare the floor for polishing, and they include:

l Remove all furniture and floor coverings.

l Remove all dirt and debris from the floor by vacuuming.

l Mop the floors and make sure they are completely dry.

l Buff the floor either by hand or by using a buffing machine.

Once all the steps above have been completed, your timber floors are ready to be polished.

Polish the Timber Floor


Once the timber floor has been prepared for polishing, it is essential to buy the correct polish. Timber floors that have a polyurethane finish will need to have a water-based polish applied; all other finishes will need to have a wax-based polish applied. Once you have the correct polish, you will use the following steps to polish the timber floor:

l Test the polish or wax on a small area of the timber floor to make sure it does not damage the floor.

l Read the directions on the polish to see if it needs to be applied directly to the floor or applied using a cloth.

l Apply the polish using a semi-circle motion to ensure a streak-free finish.

l Apply the polish from the corner of the room outward, leaving the entry for last so you will not ruin the polish finish when you leave the room.

l Allow the polish enough time to completely dry, which can take from 6 to 24 hours before walking on the timber floor. It is best to wait at least two days before putting furniture and floor coverings on the floor.


 Timber floors are a beautiful and durable floor covering that if properly cared for can last for many years. One way to keep timber floors looking their best is to make sure they are polished regularly. Polishing timber floors will help fill any scratches or imperfections in the floor while also protecting it from routine use and cleaning.

The productivity of any business venture barely lays on the layout of the business plan. Design of cafe will significantly determine the frequency of customers visit. Good design will attract a significant number of customers, and poor design will cost you heavily. Successful café owners know essential of great models and reasons for regular innovations of their business. Following are tips of good cafe fit out.

Proper Use Of Space

Harmonious space is very vital while it comes to cafes. Customers feel cozy in an even café which is not too crowded or too deserted. According to Ali from Top Shopfitters Melbourne, The tables should be arranged appropriately to avoid cramming customers too much. Clients would enjoy hanging out in overcrowded joints. Customers will feel comfortable hanging out for food in well-furnished cafes of character.

Lighting is a vital Aspect

Lighting features are of great importance in any hotel, consider the natural lightening of the cafe and do proper window designs to allow enough light into the cafe. Check that the wiring of the cafe is reliable to avoid often power blackout. Good lightening makes the cafe more welcoming. Make a proper choice of your lightning as per your decor. Strategic light placement makes lightening more effective.


Comfortable and stylish seats might seem expensive, but they are very inviting and lead to high turnout thus significance output. The chairs and tables should be in agreement with the cafe theme and compliments with floor and wall colors. Ensure there is enough number of seats for all your customers to sit comfortably.

The Theme of the Cafe

The aspect attracts customers back to your business. Let the fit-out accurately match the intended atmosphere of the café in every aspect. Good choices of fixtures and style make the cafe aesthetic and inviting to clients.


To run a construction business is not easy. If you fail to follow the relevant steps, you can lose out a substantial amount of money. But, if the company runs well and you apply all the tricks, you may create a lot of wealth. According to the construction contractors, certain things need to be appropriately done in the competitive construction industry. For any of the construction contractor, it is must to have certain qualities. He must be qualified and experienced in the task, and only then you will run your business efficiently.

The Need For Hiring Experienced Contractors

The construction contractor must have years of experience in the realm of construction. The contractor must have been in the business for decades. He must have hands-on experience in doing everything. He must know how to capitalize on the technology and new products. If the contractor is competent, he will hire suitable individuals under him to run the project smoothly.

An Efficient Accounting System Is Must To Consider

Any of the construction business may fail if the accounting system is not sound. It is the audio accounting system which can evaluate if you can earn profit from the company or not. If the accounting system is sound, you will be able to identify the mistakes you do in the process. Those who pay little attention to their accounting, they will have to pay higher taxes. Many times, the cash amount received gets recorded while the disbursed cash goes unreported.

Sound And Effective Management Of The Business

If you gain substantial experience in the realm of construction, you can change from being a technician to a manager of the project. Your efficiency in managing the entire project will help you to save a lot of money. The product processes must be well-defined, and you should also prepare the checklist of time-specific tasks. If all the essential functions are recorded, you will have the least chance of making any mistake in the process. So, before the work is completed, the correction will be made.

Strong Partnership

Hire the set of highly competent sub-contractors who can assist you with the project. The project will be carried out successfully.

Marketing: A Must To Consider

There is the great importance of referrals in the construction industry. Most of the customers get to know about the ongoing project through marketing and advertisement only.

For any of the builder or construction contractor, it is must to imbibe the latest technological tools and equipment in the process. One must also be careful about the deadline within which the project needs to be completed.

Are you looking to give your home and office a fresh look? Carpet is the most important aspect if you are considering home renovation. Since there are various kinds of floor materials available in the market, it may get difficult to decide on a suitable type of stuff. There are mostly five kinds of flooring you can consider.

Hardwood Floor To Give A Rustic Look

In most of the homes, the rustic look has become popular. It can amazingly create a country setting in your home. You may use hardwood floor in areas like foyers, hallways, dens and dining rooms. Such level will offer an elegant and stylish look to space. If it is a commercial area, you can use hardwood floor in the reception area. This will inevitably create an inviting atmosphere.

Brighten Up The Room With Carpet Flooring

High-quality carpet is the best way to create an inviting atmosphere in the space where it is used. You may use a mat in living rooms, guest rooms, bedrooms and also in gathering places. Commercial carpeting is also available for office areas and business settings. When you buy carpets, consider the color and fabrics.

Should You Go For Tile Floors?

If you reside in warmer countries, it is best to install tile flooring. By improving the air circulation, tile floor can keep the room cooler. The tile floor is suitable for kitchen areas and bathrooms as well. You may use area rug upon the tile to create a pleasant ambiance.

Stone Flooring

Do you want to give your home or office a majestic look? You may choose stone flooring. There are a lot many stone varieties available in the market. Thus, choices can be made as per your budget and the home interior. A homeowner is left with limitless options when it comes to color and type of stone. The stone floor may be considered in various areas like bathrooms, hallways, kitchens, and common areas.

Vinyl For High Traffic Areas

If you have pets and kids, you should consider vinyl flooring. The very look of plastic has now changed from contemporary to modern.

The high 5 floors are top options in flooring if you are undertaking home remodeling. Choose any one of them to create a fantastic space.

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